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Fund Raiser – Tuesday (9/26)

Come support the best candidate for the Port Commission (district 2) – Brad Clinefelter.

Please join us Tuesday, September 26, at 5:00pm to 7:00pm at  Port Townsend Brewing.

Buy a brew and then listen to Brad give a short talk and answer questions .





The following is my letter to the Commissioners


Dear Commissioners;

Why the additional 1% increase in moorage rates undermines trust in the Port Institution

Last year the moorage tenants were presented with a huge “market rate” increase. The resulting 10 to 16% rates made Port Townsend the most expensive marina on the west side of Puget Sound (except Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge where the average home is $800,000).

At that time Sam eloquently presented the Port’s financial crisis. As extreme as the rate increase was, there was a general feeling to be good citizens and support the sincere effort of the new director. So we swallowed the bitter pill.

In an early September meeting, the commissioners indicated that they would seek a standard cost of living increase. This is within reason.

However the administration proposal to change the “market rate” by the additional 1 per cent is disingenuous. It is a bait and switch maneuver that uses our willingness to support Sam’s 2017 increase as a green light to continue to “rate adjust”.

At a question and answer session in September with the Marine Trades at the PT brewery, Brad Clinefelter had to dispel rumor after rumor after rumor. These rumors happen because the Port has a reputation as an institution that cannot be trusted. If the Commission now approves a moorage tenants rate changed while the administration gets a 300 thousand raise, it will undermine our new trust and support.

After decades of previous Commissions where the tail wags the dog, its time to offer some restraint. We have all unreservedly supported Sam for her first year but its time to ask her to tighten the administrative budget and work with what she has. Instead of increasing the moorage rates beyond the CPI , the Commission should freeze or decrease the 2017 administration budget, exercise some administration birth control, and put a moratorium on all spending of a non-emergent nature such as conferences, promotions EDC contributions CERB studies, consultants etc.

The Commission controls a moorage monopoly on those of us that want to live and recreate in this town and frankly it is degrading to have to go with hat in hand and beg for fairness.


Thanks for taking the time to consider this issue. I look forward to your comments.

Bertram Levy




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2018 proposed moorage rate increase

2018 proposed moorage rate increase

As the 2018 budget cycle comes to an end, the Port proposes yet another increase in our “market rates” beyond the normal CPI 2.6% (Port rounds it off to 3%). WhIle a 1% increase may not sound like much, it shows an administration that is determined to continue to raise our rates irrespective of any regional or market norms. Port Townsend is already the most expensive marina west of Puget Sound. As of last year, we pay $400 /year for a 30 footer and $550 / year for a 40 footer more than John Wayne Marina.
It is my belief that a commission approval of the administration proposed increase is a dangerous precedent for future rate hikes. The CPI (consumer price index) is the standard of the rental industry and should apply to the moorage tenants as well.
You have one more opportunity to convince the Commissioners to respect the 2017 “market rate” and endorse the annual CPI increase. The final budget meeting and vote is on Wednesday November 8 at 1:00 and you should attend.
It is unfortunate that the previous budget meetings were held out of town and the final November 8 meeting is at 1:00 PM which excludes working people. If you cannot attend, you could send a letter as I did.

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Come support the best candidate for the Port Commission (district 2) – Brad Clinefelter.

Please join us Thursday, September 21, at 5:00pm to 7:00pm at 2342 W Sims Way right next to the Union 76 station.

There is a Texas BBQ stand near by, where you can buy something to eat and then listen to Brad give a short talk and answer questions .

(map below)


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Port Commissioners – Wednesday Jan 25 at 5:30 pm.

Come speak to Port Commissioners tomorrow night, Wednesday Jan 25 at 5:30 pm. about proposed rate increases for Point Hudson and Boat Haven moorage. 10-16% rate increases proposed based on market analysis heavily weighted towards King County.
Marinas should not bear the burden of paying for 20 years of poor infrastructure management by the Port of Port Townsend.
Tell commissioners:
1 – Meet your obligations for a transparent rate setting process. Involve tenants and stakeholders in analysis and decisions as per Strategic Plan.
2 – Cut expenses first! Find ways to scale down capital project costs and operating costs.
3 – Smooth out rate increases over time. Evaluate market and affordability to Jefferson County as per Strategic Plan.

Please forward to everyone you know.

If you cannot attend send an email to the Port Commissioners
Steve Tucker

Brad Clinefelter
Pete Hanke




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