Attention Moorage Tenants

Moorage Tenant Meeting Tuesday Sept 11 7:00PM  Marina Room  Port Hudson

I have watched with great fascination as the Marine Trades Association, faced with major increases in their lease rates, has reorganized to become a major stakeholder voice. They played a major role in the present change in the Port administrative leadership. They meet regularly with the Commissioners and are presently re-shaping Port financial and lease policies, Their efforts have allowed them to be a major voice addressing  their rate increases.  

Unfortunately the Moorage Tenants Union has no Port representation. This may be why we ended up with a 15 to 19% increase in our moorage rates over the last 2 years.  As the lone voice for moorage tenants at Port meetings, I was unable to influence moorage policy and decided a while ago that my energies could best be spent otherwise.  I continue to attend meetings  and stay involved as a citizen because I believe that the cultural heart of this town lies in the vitality of the Port. I also maintain a strong support of the Marine Trades Association and attend some of their meetings.  

Members of the marine trades have asked me to approach the moorage tenants  to see if we tenants want to join the efforts of the marine trades. The focus will not just be stopping another 4% rate increase in 2019, but to be an effective stakeholder voice in the re-shaping  of the present Port culture. 

For this reason I have arranged for a Moorage Tenants Union meeting on Tuesday Sept 11th at 7:00 PM in the Marina Room (next to the Shanghai) at Port Hudson to see if there is moorage tenant interest. We will review the events of the last year and the challenges that we and the Port face in the coming year.  We will also discuss alternate economic plans to reduce overhead and improve efficiency so the Port will not need to continue to make us pay for their poor management. 

Bertram Levy

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Moorage rates survey 2018

Moorage Rate Survey 2018

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meeting thursday 20 sept. at the marina room

Hi folks I am confirming the meeting this thursday 20 sept. at the marina room (same place) at 7:00 – 8:00 PM

I would like to help set up the committee

discuss approach to the moorage rate for 2019

discuss myth busting

discuss the effort to repair the CD rather than replace them (which we pay for)


anything else people want to address


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This is not a general public meeting but rather for the steering committee to plan the agenda.  We will let you know when the next public meeting is held so stay in touch
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Thank you.

Dear fellow tenants

Thank you all for coming to the meeting last night.  I was very heartened by your enthusiasm to get involved.  Each of you have a special talent that can make a giant difference in changing the Port’s action. 

 I would like to help facilitate one more meeting with you before I leave for Buenos Aires since the budget process and rates will be decided by the Port in late October.  At the meeting we can plan  goals and actions that will be most effective  and efficient (time-wise) in the Port’s October budget cycle. 

 If you can be thinking about concerns you would like to address, that would be great:  e.g.  rates, myth busting, as well as other issues like supporting the Kaneski alternative budget plan, parking  bathroom etc. 

Thursday next week the 20th would be the only day I will be free.  I will try to reserve the same space.and let you know.  


12 Sept. 2018

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